Guy Walks Outside And Finds a Whole Family of Bears in His Car


Traveling into wildlife can be quite an amazing experience, especially when someone has close contact with the wild animals. You have heard many interesting stories from the people who have experienced that, but we offer you a story shared by Chad Morris, a barbershop owner from Kentucky.

Chad was in the middle of a relaxing vacation when he had an interesting encounter with a black bear cub in Gatlinburg, Tennessee when he found the animal climbing into one of his car windows. But his shock didn’t end here, because very soon two more cubs approached the vehicle, and one climbed right into the driver’s side window, while the momma bear watched them nearby.

Posting about his encounter on Facebook Morris said: “Is this real life…tell me we are being punked…3 bear cubs in my car and the momma just lurking!”

Morris, his family, and the mama bear watched how the three bear cubs had a grand time rolling around inside his car, leaning out the windows, playing in the driver’s seat, and fooling around with whatever they could find inside the car.

Even though the bears were very aware of Morris’ presence, watching from a safe distance, they didn’t seem to care about it at all and carried right on with their destruction of property.

Morris added: “They saw us standing around taking pictures, but they never bothered us,”

When the bear cubs realized that the car wasn’t going anywhere and they were “satisfied” with what they explored inside, they carefully climbed their way out of it, but they then attempted to commandeer the other car parked in the driveway as well. After a short period of time of walking around the cars they decided to go back down the mountain together, off in the woods, explains Morris.

When the bears had disappeared, Morris quickly ran over to assess the damage. He was really surprised at how well his car had fared after being vandalized by three rambunctious bear cubs.

He said: “They tore a chunk out of the leather on the driver’s seat by the headrest, and left scratches in a few spots on the interior.” He also added that he noticed one bit down into his protein shake top, and his son’s football has claw marks on it.

On the whole, though, the Morris’ car was OK, but now he and his family have an amazing story in their repertoire.

If someone had some similar experience, please share it with us and your friends.


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