What You First See Reveals A Lot About Your Character


All people want characters who are complex, relativized, and realistic, which is a really high order, but still achievable. Everyone should know that the human personality is multiple and intricate, but also fascinating.

In psychology, personality is associated with a pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that people consistently exhibit over time. These attributes strongly influence people’s expectations, self-perception, and values and at the same time predict their reactions to other people, problems, and stress. All of this says that people need to know their personality type, which will help them understand and improve their reactions to all the little things and big things they face.

Personality psychology is a great challenge for any psychologist, who despite putting people in ‘neat little boxes,’ they celebrate and nurture the infinite individualism of humanity. Because of that, psychologists conduct specific personality tests, but these tests can also be part of each individual’s arsenal of tools for creating a character who deserves creative sweat and tears.

Rorschach test

One of the most used tests by psychologists is the Rorschach test (inkblot test), which is called a projective test. It is based on imposing persons’ meaning on the image shown them. The mind of the persons generates and often formulates meaning based on previous conditioning and associations.

The painting is a creation of Abdul Hamid, and the most important for that test is to remember what is first seen. After remembering the first image seen should be read the text below the image, which shows characters about the person.

  1. The Collection of Women

Personalities who see a collection of women for the first time, who enjoy dancing, playing an instrument, and relaxing are considered to be those for whom enjoying life is one of their top priorities. These personalities probably have a close group of very good friends with whom they can talk about important issues and feel very happy.

A carefree life without stress or “in a hurry” is something that seems natural to these people. Others enjoy this quality around you, and while you don’t always open up to everyone, new friends are always available and close.

The humility of these personalities allows them not to take themselves and the problems of life too seriously. They have a deep inner self-confidence, which enables them to achieve results and they constantly feel good, they trust themselves in any task they have set.

Sharing their talent and love with others brings them great joy, so these personalities are encouraged to do so as often as possible.

  1. The Night Sky, City, and Sailboat on A Lake

Those who first noticed a photograph of the night sky, the city, and a sailboat on the lake are personalities looking for peace in life. They most often stay awake until late at night, which symbolizes a time of silence and rest, and peace helps them in their occupation when they feel it.

The value of quiet and still mind is specific to these personalities and they do not like to reconsider the decisions they have already made. These personalities can be sensitive to loud environments and overcrowded social settings.

  1. The Face

The personalities who first notice the face when they look at the picture are characterized by wisdom and knowledge that comes to them from a life of wonderful experiences and many happy moments. The face is composed of people who have a good time, dance, play instruments, and represent the beauty of youth. The mind of the face is still the lake, the city, and the night sky, which represent a peaceful and restful life.

They wake up every day with gratitude for the many blessings in life and find peace in knowing that even those they love are doing well in their lives. The little things that surround them mean a lot to them, such as an ordinary flower growing on the sidewalk, water flowing down a stream, the happiness of a pure and innocent child.

They enjoy peace and relaxation and are key to their lives, and maintaining a relaxed mind is a very healthy way of life for them. They are humble personalities and do not reveal the vast wealth of their life experiences to others. They might actually consider opening up a little more and teaching others some nice things.

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