What You See First In This Picture Reveals Your Subconscious Fear


All people are afraid of something, which can be linked to subconscious fear, or arachnophobia. Some people are afraid of storms, some of the spiders, some are afraid of the dark, and many other things.

No matter what people are afraid of, the awareness of fear can be always beneficial in order to be able to conquer it. When you look at the photo below, try to percept the subject as quickly as you can. The first thing you notice in the painting can reveal what your biggest subconscious fear is. The perceptions come back to the way the human brains are wired.

Here you can find the analysis of what the fear might be according to the perception of what you have first when seeing Vladimir Kush’s painting below!

If You Saw This First It Means…

  1. Knife

Those personalities who first notice the knife in front of the apple are most afraid of a terminal illness. Their deteriorating health and aging terrify them, and they are quite horrified by the idea of death and suffering.

  1. Caterpillar

Those who first notice the caterpillar are afraid of malicious spirits and evil, also known as ghosts. They are haunted by horrible ideas that any ghost or spirit will return to haunt them. They get scared and shiver very quickly even when the wind blows or when the door closes.

  1. Butterfly

Persons who first notice butterflies possess an inner fear, fearing that they will be betrayed. Fear can be the result of denying a job interview or some childhood trauma.

  1. Apple

If a person first notices an apple, it means that he is excessively afraid of death. It can be the result of a recently lost loved one and these personalities are afraid to be next and death is major in their nightmares.

6 Things You Should Know About the Subconscious Mind

1)         The Subconscious Mind dreams

According to Sigmund Freud dreams are a window into the unconscious and a manifestation of the deepest desires, anxieties, and repressed childhood memories or obsessions.

2)         The Subconscious Mind controls 95 percent of your life

Neuroscience has explained that most of the people’s decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior depend on the 95 percent of brain activity that lies beyond conscious awareness.

3)         The Subconscious Mind is always awake

Scientists claim that the subconscious mind never sleeps, rests, or takes a break, as it is responsible for controlling all vital processes and functions of the body. They emphasize that the subconscious mind controls blood circulation, heartbeat, regulates digestion, and elimination. During sleeping the conscious mind becomes dormant while the subconscious mind stays fully awake.

4)         The Subconscious Mind is habit-based

People’s daily routine such as waking up, traveling to and from work, drinking, eating, and going to sleep becomes second nature, as they have formed habits. It is due to processing information quickly and without being aware, and all thanks to the unconscious mind. According to Freud, the unconscious mind does most of the work of the people’s daily activities without even realizing it.

5)         The Subconscious Mind takes everything literally

The subconscious mind is taking everything literally, without differentiating between negative and positive. As the subconscious mind is subjective, it doesn’t think or reason independently, it simply obeys the commands it receives from the conscious mind.

6)         The Subconscious mind is a multi-tasker

The ability to multitasking is due to the subconscious mind because it’s quite impossible to be consciously focused on two things at once. When we try to pay attention to something the brain gives its neuronal attention to one thing, then the other, then back to the first thing, but two things at once are not possible. It is similar for feelings too, so people are never able to feel happy and sad at the same time or angry and calm, but it is possible to switch between emotional episodes very quickly. While the subconscious is a born multi-tasker.

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