Whatever Is Taken for Granted Will Eventually Be Taken Away


People usually don’t cherish enough the things they value in life. At least not until we lose them. It’s not that we are not aware about what we have.

It’s just that we don’t really think about losing those things one day. We get to understand that the moment we lose some of our dearest people. At that moment, we feel so guilty because we realize that we have taken for granted the time we had with those people.

Nowadays, we all have kind of a busy lifestyle, preoccupied with work, travel and of course our personal lives. And just to make clear, it doesn’t mean that all these things are not important. It’s just we get so caught up in doing all that and because of it we take for granted the time we have with our loved ones.

We continue doing that until we realize it’s too late. The first time people become aware of it, is the time we lose one of our grandparents. Growing up is a period filled with many friends, games, fun activities, etc., all of which is making us not think about the cycle of life which eventually will take our grandparents’ lives.

Here are some steps you can take if you are willing to appreciate the things you have now in your life.

  1. You need to stop taking things for granted and face the fact that nothing lasts forever

No matter how hard it is to accept it, she sooner to face the fact that nothing lasts forever, the better. It’s a good start to stop waiting for the right moment to tell people you love them. You can balance your work and social life and the time you should spend with your loved ones.

No one knows when that time will end. Accept the fact that life is short and there is not that much time to be with the people you love. Someday all those people won’t be around and there is no way you could possibly know when that’ll happen. So cherish them while you still can.

  1. Stop expecting for things to happen. Appreciate everything!

Not always the people you love and appreciate will return that affection and kindness. No one feels obligated to do anything for you. So when you find people who do love you back, recognize their efforts and be thankful for everything they do for you.

  1. Express your love with little gestures

People would love it when someone really dear tells them they love them, for no reason at all. If you expect your mom to know that you love her, you’re probably right. But if you think that it won’t make her happy to tell her that over and over again, you are wrong.

Grab every chance you have to tell her that, or kiss her, or text her. It won’t take you much time, but it would mean the world to her. You don’t have to do something extraordinary or time-consuming. Remember that the little things are often the big things.

  1. Stay in the moment

When you realize how many great moments you’ve missed due to your work problems, hobbies or relationship problems, you’ll regret for not being in the moment and enjoying the time with people you love. Make sure to leave your worries for a while and be there for you family physically and spiritually too.


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