When She Is Gone, You Will Realize Your Mom Was Your One True Friend


Even though many parents claim that they should not be friends with their children, even if they don’t want to, eventually they become best friends. If you and your mother have a positive relationship, then either when you’re young or when you get older, she will become your best friend.

You might not be able to see it right away or in the near future, but when you lose your mother you will start to realize just how much of a best friend she was to you. The most important relationship that you will ever have in your entire life will be with your mother. Even if it sounds weird and impossible for most people, a positive friendly relationship with ones’ mother is probably the greatest thing that can happen to the person.

When the person gets older, the relationship with his or her mother will become much closer. Talking to her is easier and the two of you will share most of the problems that you’ve got. Honesty and openness are somethings that you’ll share between the two of you. Your mother is the person that will care for you on the level that no one will ever reach. If ever in your life you’ve given a hard time for your mother, make sure you apologize to her before it is too late and you lose that chance.

Depending on your mother is something you can do no matter when or where you are. Even if it’s in the middle of the night, you can call her and ask her for whatever problem you’ve got. Her love toward you is unconditional and hopefully, your love is unconditional toward her as well. However, make sure that you’ll make her worry a lot so don’t overdo her with your problems!

When the time comes and your mother passes away, you’ll realize just how important she was to you. However, if it takes you that long to realize what she is to you, then it will be too late. She is the one that is responsible for the person you are today, whether it’s your characteristics, your knowledge, or your health. Your mother cared for you and brought you up whenever you fell down. She took time off from her busy schedule to play with you when you were little just so you’ll bring a smile to your face.

Whenever you fell off a bike or went through a bad breakup, your mother was probably by your side bringing you up physically and emotionally. If you needed your mother for anything in your life, she was there. She wants what’s best for you and gives the effort to make it so. You living a good life is her main goal in life.

Through all of your friends that you’ve made or will make in your life, your mother will most likely be the best one. Your mother will never leave you hanging as your co-worker or neighbor will. Even if you treat your mother badly, she will still stick by you and support you in your life. Now that you’re older, your mother might have changed with age, but she is still the same woman that loved you and cared for you. And she will still love you and care for you until the end of her life! Make sure you return the love and care that she gives to you before it’s too late!

Sources: awarenessact.com

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