When You Have a Strong Mother, You Grow Up To Be a Strong Woman


An essential building block for a girl is her strong bond with her mother. This relationship can never be broken, and probably many of you have already heard the phrase: “Strong mothers raise strong daughters.”

What does the strong mother do for her daughter?

Daughter learns from her strong mother that she doesn’t need another person to determine her happiness and that she can conquer the world on her own, and she should be confident enough to do so.

The independence of daughters is a result of the influence of strong mothers, who know how to get things done. A mother’s determination and strength is proving so many lessons for her daughter. She teaches her daughter to be able to stand up for herself, how to take care of herself, how to confront people when needed, how to survive in this unpredictable big world, and put herself on a first place.

Here are some characteristics of a strong mother:

–           She knows her worth,

–           Knows what love feels like,

–           How families should treat each other and

–           Works hard to ensure her daughter knows these things as well.

She is protecting her daughter from the toxic relationships and teaches her about people who should be kept close, and whose ones are better at a distance.

Respecting herself, a strong mother teaches her daughter to respect herself too. She has no tolerance for people who are putting others down. The daughter shouldn’t be embarrassed if her strong mother stands up for herself in public because that is a way how she does to teach her that it’s ok to stand up for what’s right and fair.

According to strong mothers crying does not make one weak, and even the tough girls can cry too. Experience shows that even the strongest minds can have low points and tough times. The most important is to learn from the experience of others, and from yours too, but not to dwell on them too long. Keeping moving forward is one of the important things that every strong mother teaches her daughter. Also, she teaches not to look back too often and most importantly to love and appreciate the reality and to create the future on the wanted way.

Having a strong mother will never allow you the option to give up, especially if that depends on you. For some who fail, they are encouraged to get up and try again. A strong woman is already enough for herself, and the failure is not an option for her. She is, also able to recognize that the path to success is never linear.

A strong mother always teaches her daughter about her values. Because of her high standards, she will try to set them in raising a strong daughter, too. A strong woman is not trying to rush the process, as she is aware that something special takes time, so she respects the process.

She is, also ready always to help her daughter to get back her up. A girl with a strong mother should feel constantly reminded of what she is recommended by her mother:

–           To be bright even on the darkest days

–           To be always capable of pursuing the dreams

–           Choose to be happy and strong.

A daughter can always count on her strong mother for friendship, as she is her best friend for life. She will always have an open ear and is ready to help with whatever the daughter needs. A strong mother is an inspiration and role model for her daughter, and when the daughter grows up, she also becomes a strong woman. By becoming a mother to a daughter then every woman will have her strong daughter.

A daughter of a strong mother can flourish in her own, she doesn’t need someone to hold her hand the entire way.

Source: thoughtcatalog.com

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