Who Is The ‘Dumbest’ Person In This Picture?


Viewing things from outside perspectives depends on each individual’s personal opinion. So one simple thing can take several forms.

There is one simple photo, followed by one very simple question: “Who do you consider to be the dumbest person in the picture shown?”. People look at this picture in several ways. It all depends on who is looking at it, how it is being looked at, as well as each individual’s personal interpretation of the word “dumb”.

A brief description of the picture

There are four people in this picture. All of them are sitting in a tree branch, that is about to be cut by three of the participants in the activity. Only one of the people in this picture is sitting there randomly, while watching the person in front of him, trying to cut his branch and therefore making him fall down the tree.

Even though it might not sound like the picture is as meaningful as it is presented to be, that’s not true. Take a closer look at the picture below and try to figure out who the dumbest one is and why do you believe it to be so? While figuring things out, do not leave out the details, as well as the consequences of each situation presented.

Let us go through all of the scenarios possible together.

Person 1

Person one is just randomly sitting there, watching the other two people doing something that puts his life in danger and not doing anything to make it stop. For some people this is a terrible choice.

So it means that those people who chose the first person are aware that the problem is not likely to be resolved on its own. If you go with the first choice, it means that you rely on logic and reasoning in your life.

Person 2:

When it comes to person two, the point is that it’s always a good idea to look at the bigger picture. This person is so focused on cutting the branch where the first person is sitting, so he is not aware of what is coming for him, once the third person finishes with what he’s started.

This person symbolizes people who are ready to take risks so they can succeed in life. But it also represents the lack of ability to look at the bigger picture leading you towards destruction of your own life.

Person 3:

People who choose this person do believe in justice. And why is that so? Because even though he is the most likely to end up alive, or at least not injured, at the same time he takes full responsibility for everything that happened beforehand.

This person will be found guilty for cutting the branch of the two people in front of him, and not trying to stop the person behind him doing what he is about to do. Therefore he will be charged guilty for all the possible outcomes regarding the other three people included in the picture.

Person 4:

Person four is only ending his own life, not bothering with what the other people are doing. For some people, he represents rebellion and he is likely to prove his point at any cost.

Well, you might be surprised that there is no one correct answer. Each one of them comes with a certain logic that led up to that particular choice. It’s all about perspective!


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