Why Your Grandma is Your Biggest Blessing in Life


People who are fortunate enough to have a grandmother in their life know that she is the most amazing and precious person in the world. No one in your life will be like her and no one will ever take her place.

Grandmothers Will Give You Comfort

Grandmas give the best hugs. By hugging you, she spreads her warmth and protection and lets you know that you are safe from everything that comes towards you. If you are feeling sad or are experiencing some terrible things, just go to your grandmother and she will make sure that you feel much better for the situation that you are in.

She Gives Unconditional Love

Grandmothers have the biggest heart, especially for her nephews and nieces. Even if you bring your friend over to her house, she will adopt them immediately. The thing about having a grandmother is the same as having a parent without any consequences and downsides. Even if you are wrong about something, in your grandma’s eyes, you will always be partially right and she will take your side when you’re arguing with your parents.

She Will Always Be There For You

If you ever need something, your grandma will always be there for you. If you want a hug, a cup of coffee, or a talk with someone, she will be there for you. No matter what you need, your grandmother will always help you in any way she can. Grandmothers are the most supportive people in your life, whether it’s about a job, partner, or hobbies, she will support you completely.

She Cooks Your Favorite Foods

Although your mother always cooks amazing food for you, she learned most of the cooking skills of your grandmother. You can always rely on having a home-cooked meal when you go to your grandma’s house. Additionally, they make the best cakes and treats that even if you are not hungry, you cannot deny them.

Filled With Stories

Grandmas tell the best stories of their time which you can never experience or read anywhere. The tales she will talk about are from her childhood, your parent’s childhood, and even your own that you don’t remember. Because she lived through yours and your parent’s generation, she can make all of the stories seem more real than you think.


Your grandmother has many hobbies from old times that she will teach you when you visit her. Whether it is knitting, card games, or gardening, the wisdom that she can share is unlike any other. As a child, you might not remember but you always had some things to play at her house that was specifically meant for you.

Adopt a Grandmother Not every person has a grandmother in their life and some might not have good relationships with theirs. However, adopting a grandmother figure will be a good idea for someone who lived without one. Volunteering in retirement homes can let you spend time with elderly people who maybe do not have any grandchildren or children of their own. This will make you feel like a good person and additionally, you will help out the elderly. They will also help you get more experiences and knowledge than you ever expect.

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