Wildlife Photographer Immortalizes the MAJESTIC BEAUTY of a White Lion From All Angles


White lions are a special kind of animals. They are not albinos, contrary to the popular belief. However, as a result of a rare disorder that they have, they have diminished pigmentation and hence, they lack the tawny coloration. They get a great deal of respect and some even consider them holy beings. This is especially the case in tribes in southern Africa. All this is because of their majestic nature. An unpopular and sad fact is that they have also been hunted in the wild to the point of extinction. The Global White Lion Conservation Trust is now reintroducing them to protected areas.

Here to depict their amazing beauty is Simon Needham. This guy takes photographs of various wildlife, and he’s a humanitarian too. His goal was to show the world the uniqueness of this rare color mutation of a lion. We will enjoy some of his amazing majestic photos of the lions.

A white lion’s natural habitat comprises woodlands, savannas, and desert areas. They are native to the area of Greater Timbavati in southern Africa.

White lions , similarly to the all other wild cats, are carnivores, and that means they eat meat. They eat quite a large variety of herbivorous species. They mostly hunt zebras, wild hares, tortoises, buffaloes, gazelles, etc. Their teeth and claws are sharp, allowing them to strike and kill their prey.

How did he manage to take the photographs?

Well, he says that sometimes he’d get so close that it would actually scare him. Although safety was his number one priority, sometimes he’d feel in danger. However, he always took precautions and he managed to stay safe while taking the photograps. And that’s how we can enjoy their incredible beauty right now.



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