Wine Kills Germs That Cause Sore Throats And Dental Plaque, Says Awesome Study


New discovery found out that wine can keep you from getting sick. It can actually disinfectant the mouth from germs. That’s why we should consider drinking more of God’s drink.

In 1988, a study tested the antibacterial properties of carbonated drinks, such as beer, skim milk, wine, and water. Each of the drinks was infested with salmonella, E. coli, and shigella.

The final results showed that out of all the beverages, the wine didn’t contain any live bacteria. That means bacteria won’t survive, as it is an effective disinfectant.

Another study has concentrated on how and why wine has such antibacterial properties. They found out that wine can fight germs in the mouth that can be the reason for a sore throat or dental plaques.

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry published a study in which experts discover that the alcohol and the acidity concentrations in wine do not cause antibacterial properties of the wine. The reason lies in the number of organic compounds that red and white wines contain.

Scientists separated the compounds such as malic, lactic, tartaric, and succinic acid, and they neutralized their acidity. The final result concluded that wine kills 99% of dental germs and bacteria.

The authors wrote: “Exposure to wine had a persistent antibacterial effect.”

The effects of salmonella on red wine were tested back in 1998. The researchers found out that red wine can kill bacteria faster than white wine, and that the alcohol wasn’t the primary disinfectant- it is the acidity.

So, if you feel a little tickle in your throat, forget the Advil — pour yourself a glass of wine instead.


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