Woman, 90, Dies From Coronavirus After Telling Doctors to Give Ventilator to a Young Person


After selflessly refusing a ventilator, this 90-year-old Belgian woman named Suzanne passed away from the coronavirus. She was telling the doctors to not give her a ventilator but instead, keep it for young people that might be in need.

Suzanne, a local from Binkom, near Lubbeek, had her condition deteriorate rapidly on March 20 when she was hospitalized immediately.

This situation comes in a time where ventilators are scarce in many hospitals. With such a piece of equipment not being available for everyone, the battle against the respiratory disease can get even much harder.

After experiencing shortness of breath and lack of appetite, Suzanne sought medical help. She was taken to a hospital and there she was tested for the virus of which the results came positive. Later, she was placed in isolation, leaving her alone with no one to visit her. Not even her daughter can visit her due to the restrictions.

At the hospital, she told the doctors that she shouldn’t “use artificial respiration. Save it for younger patients. I already had a good life.”

Two days after her hospitalization, on March 22, Suzanne passed away.

Judith, her daughter, made a statement for the Dutch newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws saying that “I can’t say goodbye to her, and I don’t even have a chance to attend her funeral.”

Belgium has a population of 11.4 million and as of now, they have almost 14,000 cases of positive coronavirus patients. More than 5,000 of them have been hospitalized and about 1,090 are in intensive care.

Remember that it’s not only the older people that have the risk of dying from the virus. Belgium reported that a 12-year-old girl was the youngest victim that passed away from being infected from the deadly virus.

Severely ill patients require ventilators for their recovery to be complete. The ventilators are machines that pump oxygen in the lungs of the person that cannot breathe on their own.

Sources: www.dailymail.co.uk

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