Woman Feels ‘Discriminated’ Over Lack of Meat-Free Meals at KFC


Vanessa Hensley visited KFC with her partner Aaron Saini. She is pescetarian, so she was hoping to be able to choose a vegetarian option for dinner. Unfortunately, they didn’t have vegan or vegetarians meals on the menu.

She told the media that it was “absolutely disgraceful” to not have them. When the woman spoke at public, a KFC spokesperson responded that the situation was a shame. He expressed that they never wanted their fans to leave feeling disappointed. Also he explained that they focus on running their restaurants responsibly with smaller teams, so the vegan burger will be available only where it’s a massive hit.

The truth is lot of us used to love eating at fast food restaurants. But now we know a lot more than we used to. We all know that fast food is absolutely unhealthy. Some of us are trying to avoid fast food at any measures, but some of us might still want or need to visit these from time to time.

Sometimes we are with friends who won’t be talked out of it or we’re on the road and drive- thrus are only option we are left with. Whatever the reason is, the main question is: is it possible to find vegan options at fast food restaurants? The answer would be “yes.”

These days more and more fast food restaurants are offering vegan options. In conclusion Americans mostly, are eating less meat and also looking for more plant- based options.

Are there any vegan options on fast food restaurants?

There are even some apps that will help you find vegan options at national chains and fast- food restaurants. Perfect for the busy vegan in hurry. One of the apps on iTunes is the Food Monster App — with over 15,000 delicious recipes which makes it the largest meatless, vegan and allergy- friendly recipe resource to help you get healthy!

One of biggest companies as Burger King and KFC have launched their first plant- based burgers– but not all vegans are on board. As they say, Burger King’s soy-based Rebel Whopper is cooked on the same grill as meat. Therefore, many non-meat-eaters are refusing to eat it. While KFC has admitted to have been selling chicken to vegetarians who had ordered its new vegan burger.

Their fast and delicious food is appreciated by many, but also receives a lot of complaints from customers. While many ask for their favorite items to return on the menu, others are worried about the quality of food and drinks.

The fact for many restaurants owners that vegan alternatives are more about profits than ethics, make some vegan consumers angry. One animal activist Nancy Nussbaum thinks that this options are only to bring new customers. They won’t help with animals being killed.

The world is witnessing what this chains do to animals and activists are more and more exposing the suffering and slaughter they inflict on animals. The world is changing, people are waking up, in that hand this owners are terrified, so they are trying to buy us off with these products and pretending they’re our friends.


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