Woman Loses Engagement Ring In Garden Finds It 13 Years Later On A Carrot


While Colleen Daly was preparing dinner one night, she had an idea to make a salad. She decided to pick up some veggies from her garden where she and her husband live.

Colleen’s husband lived here since he was a child, as the property is more than 100 years old. This garden gave him and his family food since it was constructed. When he was a little boy, his mom would harvest the salad right outside the house.

As she was preparing the salad, Colleen saw that one of the carrots picked up from the garden was outstanding. It actually had a golden ring around it! Amazingly, her husband recognized the ring.

His mother, Mary Grams, was organizing a wedding back in the garden where she lost her engagement ring back in 2004. She didn’t want to tell anyone, but she only told her son what happened. She had that ring for too many years, exactly from 1951, when her husband Norman gave it to her. She didn’t want to make him mad and kept the secret for a long time. She had to react quickly and got a new, smaller ring, similar to the one she lost. She said: “Maybe I did the wrong thing, but you get so worked up.”

Thirteen years after Mary lost her engagement ring, the family’s homestead suffered some changes. Mary and her husband moved out of the house and stayed in a new place in Camrose. Therefore, Collen and his son decided to live in the house and carry on the same traditions that are more than a 100-years-old. Colleen tried to keep the garden as organized as possible. But that night the garden “brought back” Mary’s ring.

Soon after Mary and Norman celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, Norman passed away and it has been 6 years since his death. If Mary could turn back time, she would have told her husband what happened, and maybe he would find it funny how she lost it.

Now she is happy to have it back and cares for it like she didn’t do before. If she is out in the garden working or she fears of losing it, she will take it off. She wouldn’t want to lose it again, as it has a wonderful story behind. This ring is meant to be on her finger for the rest of her life. People say “honesty is the best policy”, but this white lie made the ring significant to the family.


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