Woman Set Up A Feeder Cam For Birds In Her Yard And Here Are Some Stunning Shots


The richness of the planet with fascinating animals makes it a wonderful place to live. Countless animals can be found here, each of which in its own way plays a vital role in a specific ecosystem.

Among all species of living beings, in a specific way, birds stand out for their beauty and attract the immense attention of humans. They are beautiful creatures of nature that are recognizable for their blessed melodic voice, producing the most beautiful and complex sounds of nature.

Since they are most often noticed while flying, many people seem unreachable and mysterious. But all those who have expressed a desire to meet them are lucky because there is a way to explore them in their natural environment without scaring them or harming them, as Lisa did, which you can find on her social networks under named Ostdrossel. She has always been fascinated by nature and the birds that are unusual in her homeland, so she got the idea to get a little closer to them in her backyard. She began to apply different ways to do it, and all this resulted in taking thousands of great photos, in which you can see different beautiful species of birds, magnificent poses, funny expressions, and sometimes, their crazy behavior.

Doing this daily in her backyard under any weather conditions, Lisa was able to see about 30 different species. She shares this mere fun hobby on several different social networking platforms. At the end of the day, her efforts can be seen through an impressive number of photos taken, which can reach up to 7,000.

She became interested in this in 2012 when, out of love, she moved from Germany to Michigan, where she had the opportunity to meet a variety of wildlife everywhere in nature, and even in her new backyard. She began to receive her methods, feeding and painting them daily. Noticing that these animals, predominantly birds, were different from those she had once seen in German city life, Lisa wanted to share these photos with her family and so her campaign began.

Her first pictures were taken with a pocket camera, then she continued with a DSLR camera, but she also experimented with some other ways of photographing these wild species up close. Eventually, after a short time pursuing this hobby, she realized that she would capture their natural habitat best and most naturally if she made her own camera placed in a place where animals (birds) could feed.

With the installation of the camera, she was able to enjoy the beauty of the anatomy of the birds, the delicate patterns, feathers, colors, and antics they prepared during feeding. According to her, and from the photos it can be seen that the birds posed perfectly and it was not difficult to choose the countless creative photos that were taken during the day. After arranging them, she shared them with the world, and the biggest reward for her was that she could see how others enjoyed it as well, following their comments. People express the gratitude that they have learned a lot and become more fascinated by nature, thanks to following her profile.

Doing this hobby on a daily basis she didn’t even realize that this had become a full-time hobby. Her effort was stimulated with what she could see in photos and videos, above all their unique and funny expressions and behaviors, things that many people do not see or notice in their daily lives. She even managed to capture some exotic birds she had never seen before, such as an exotic hummingbird.

As for the time period, Lisa noted that the most exotic birds mostly come during spring migration. So she once had a chance to shoot a summer tanager and a pine spot, but what’s interesting is that every day is different and you get something special. She, in fact, is not focused on hunting for the exotic, but on finding what is beautiful.

What Lisa later began to notice was that some birds began to visit the feeder more often, so they began to raise their young in the immediate vicinity, and thus the photographs became more interesting. In order to recognize the returning birds, she marked them in her own way and they were given their own names (e.g. one grackle was named Count Dracula).

 Lisa’s Shooting Techniques

  • She uses two shooting settings. One is set up with an action camera in a weatherproof box that mostly takes close-up photos.
  • The other is Birdsy’s camera, which works with AI and captures videos when AI identifies a living being in the frame.

With the help of a Birdsy account from which Lisa can download and edit the video, she can watch or share it with others. Although Birdsy is still in the test phase, she believes it will be launched soon. She has been using it for about a year and is absolutely happy because it captures scenes that would not otherwise be seen, such as twitches in birdbaths or birds feeding their babies.

Meet the Birdsy Cam

It is an outdoor & weatherproof Wi-Fi camera for 24/7 recording & watching

It has Full HD 1080p @ 30 FPS for smooth and crisp bird videos

Offers free cloud so you can watch live or videos from anywhere

Requirements for Birdsy Cam

  • Wi-Fi with a good signal at your feeder, or using a Wi-Fi extender to boost it.
  • Power – a permanent power source to stream 24/7 in HD. The length of the camera’s power cable can be extended with an extension cable, and the power adapter should be protected with a waterproof case.
  • An unlimited data internet service plan

Learn how to set up a Birdsy Cam

Setup guide

  • 30 cm away from the feeding station
  • The camera should be positioned to face the most active feeding spot horizontally & centrally.
  • Focus should be on the active feeding spot
  • Use the camera settings menu in the Birdsy app.
  • Avoid direct sunlight

Good setups – Close and in focus:

Bad setups – Camera too far from birds:

Enjoy Lisa’s photographs:



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