Woman Used Five 20-foot Shipping Containers to Build Extraordinary Of-The-Grid Home


We’ve heard a lot about the people who have built their homes off the grid using recycled and reused materials before.

We even heard the story of a man who built his floating island off the grid using only recycled materials.

But we haven’t focused on the many people who reuse shipping containers to serve as the structural backbone of their off-grid home.

If you are a fan of tiny homes or have dreamed of living a slower life in the great outdoors, then this off-grid home is going to take your attention.

This woman lives in a beautiful house made up of five 20ft shipping containers in New Zealand. Rosie lives on 23 acres of land on a private reserve in Coromandel, New Zealand. Her house, however, is not your usual cabin in the woods.

It’s durable, off-grid house made up of five 20-foot container ships.

She called her house Ahurewa, which means “holy place”. This is understandable because Rosie lives surrounded by nature with no other home in sight. She specially positioned the house so that you have the perfect view of the sunrise and sunset every day. You cannot be much further away from people and noise than this.

Here’s the story of an amazing, compact home built using three 20ft long shipping containers, solar panels, a floating roof, and true off-grid imagination.

Who does not want a life without debts and beautiful cost- free house?

The house consists of three 20-foot-long shipping containers. Each is connected by a hallway which allows for a striking exterior design, spacious interior and plenty of storage space.

Using a vertical liner on exterior containers dramatically changes the appearance of a standard container house and greatly improves the overall appearance of a shipping container house. They used a color bond product called a design panel. To maintain a low energy impact, the roof is covered with solar panels which absorb most of the energy needs of the house. The roof is made of a floating design used to increase airflow and help with cooling.

There is also a rain collection system that feeds two large tanks that store fresh water to use for the future.

Also, there is a beautiful patio built in front. Imagine sitting there every morning with a cup of coffee or tea watching the sunrise. How could you be stressed? Finally, it has a beautiful backyard, a rear garden space perfect for relaxing. It has heating to take advantage of the outdoor space even on the coldest nights.

This can be your inspiration to take the next step!

Sources: thepremierdaily.com

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