Women Are Ditching Hair Dye For Their Natural Gray Hair In The Coolest Power Move


People, nowadays, live in a changing world filled with fresh ideas and new concepts, which can occupy them unnecessary and make them feel uncomfortable.

However, some people are really inspired by accepting themselves as they are in all their glory and imperfection. This is something which is not accepted by the majority of people, as there are always a new product or procedure thrown in their faces to ‘fix’ them.

The coolest power moves seen in a long time is that numerous women, everywhere are ditching hair dye in order to embrace their natural gray hair!

Women Are Embracing Themselves & Their Hair

Caring about the appearance is very important for all people, especially for women. Some of the people grow up in loving homes filled with encouraging parents, while others have quite the opposite experience. However, the interesting thing is that both categories can result in the same consequence.

People can both have difficulty accepting themselves or feel pressure to full fil social norms and idealistic expectations. Everyone is constantly assaulted with beauty treatments, product ads, clothing trends, and more to help her/him look ‘better’.

The confidence of someone’s appearance will not change the conditions that people feel pressed to act a certain way, look a certain way, or change themselves to fit a mold.

In the materialistic world today it often matters more what people look like and what they have then what kind of a person they are. For that reason, it’s so encouraging to see someone enthusiastically embrace their natural self, and that is really inspiring!

Symbolization of Letting Gray Hair Show

It is really admirable when beautiful people embrace that beauty in the face of possible rejection from others. When they admit who they are unapologetically in the face of resistance, the prison doors of social expectations shatter.

Accepting the individuality will inspire everyone to think that maybe they can make that step themselves. By celebrating the personality and how people look will bring them joy, giving permission to others to do the same.

The women, you saw in the video are ditching hair dye in order to show off their natural gray hair, and aren’t just women saving money on trips to the hair salon.

These women aren’t just older ladies who are fed up with social norms and shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed by the gray hairs on their heads. They are, actually beautiful women of all ages willing to celebrate themselves, their hair, and their life, even they are facing questions and leers.

They can be a positive example for other women to resist social expectations and embrace their eye color, hair color, shoe size, body shape, or whatever.

They refuse what the social media, magazines, and social norms are appealing for them to “hide their gray hair,” because they are choosing to love themselves instead.

The women with gray hairs are not a sign of shame or old age. They are, exactly what means a determined celebration of life and proof of a life well lived!


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