Women Who Stay Single For A Large Period Of Time End Up The Happiest


The general public opinion about the single women is that they are pitied for not having a partner and they are usually portrayed as isolated, unhappy, unfulfilled, and lonely.

However, the researchers who have investigated the women and their love life found an interesting fact that being in a relationship should not be regarded as a criterion for happiness, which is more specific for women.

Why happiness is not related to having a partner?

–           Most single women don’t base their success and happiness on their relationship status.

–           The investigations show that the women who stay single for a large period aren’t lonely, unhappy, miserable, or emotionally troubled.

–           For any woman who doesn’t need a partner is usually to feel happy and fulfilled in a way she wants to live.

–           They disregard the stereotypes that say they should feel bad and less worthy for not having a romantic partner.

Of course, there are many reasons why some women remain single for large gaps in time, such as:

1)         Some of them aren’t accustomed to being someone’s ‘girlfriend,’ and possibly they preferred to be single even during their high-school years.

2)         Having a couple of exes who abandoned them and broke their hearts, maybe another reason for staying single.

3)         Maybe their expectations from a couple of dates are not fulfilled, because the dates never turned into exclusive romantic relationships.

4)         Some of them have decided to stay single because they needed a break from the overwhelming dating world.

Notwithstanding the reason, women who stay single for a large amount of time end up the happiest, because:

–           Embracing their solitude they end up the happiest. They’re happy with who they are and they don’t need anybody when are going in shopping or eating lunch at their favorite restaurant.

–           Sleeping alone for them is the best solution.

–           Going to weddings by themselves for them is a normal situation.

–           They’re comfortable with their solitude, enjoy their own company, and don’t feel unhappy or lonely because they don’t have a romantic partner to share their experiences with.

–           They’re happy since they have plenty of time to focus on their goals, their needs, and their passions. Having all the time in the world to figure out what they truly need and want in their life and go for it is something that may make them happy.

–           They pursue their goals, passions, and dreams instead of giving upon them. They use their time to figure out what’s important to them in life and sort out their priorities.

–           Having more connections to their friends, family, and co-workers make them happy, and they’re staying close to them, not drift apart.

–           Embrace their independence is another why they end up the happiest.  The ability to take care of themselves and believing in themselves help them to build a happy, enjoyable, meaningful life.

–           Early in their life, they understood that a romantic partner does not need to be the center of their world.

–           Spending time on chasing after guys, these women replace with chasing after the things they want to achieve in their life and the future they want for themselves.

Those women aren’t scared of the idea of staying single forever or never getting married, because this is a way they are used to living their lives. Solitude is not frightening to them – it’s inspiring.

In case they do meet someone who encourages them to achieve even more happiness and success they may decide to start a relationship. He has to be someone who is already happy, fulfilled, and successful on his own, smart and strong and someone who can keep up with them in every aspect of their life.

However, this man is going to be someone that feels happy that his woman has her own goals, dreams, plans, and passions. Achieving her goals and encouraging her to pursue higher ones is something that should make him happy, as well. That will also make her feel happier, stronger, and more fulfilled than she already is.

These women will never give up on their individuality, independence, and strength, and they’ll always keep up on their dreams, goals, and desires. They will, also not forget who they are in the process of loving someone.

They’ll refuse anyone who might prevent them from living a genuinely happy, authentic, and meaningful life.




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