Woodworker Crafts Amazing “Broken” Furniture That Looks Like It Belongs in a Cartoon


Woodworking is an amazing hobby – as well as a profession, which can last a lifetime.

The modern generation of people who make wood objects has drastically switched to digital media and millions of woodworking ideas can be found online. Unfortunately, most online free woodworking plans are fake, so there is still a better way to get a piece of treated wood to visit and seek the services of famous wood craftsmen.

What crafts are people buying?

In the history of human civilization, woodworking has a significant place and has been used for thousands of years, providing early cultures with a variety of necessities. Shelters, furniture, boats, and much more were built of wood, which made life easier and ultimately enabled the progress of society.

Based on what people have been interested in recent years on the wooden market the following wooden objects are most ordered and bought:

  • Birdhouses and feeders
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Fabric-based crafts
  • Picture frames and artwork
  • Home decor in general
  • Rustic wooden furniture
  • Wooden bowls
  • Handmade writing pens
  • Wooden spoons
  • Cutting boards
  • Mixes for dips or soups
  • Women’s and men’s clothing accessories
  • Wooden toys
  • Recycled antiques

Wooden Crafts of Henk Verhoeff

Through his amazing woodworking projects, craftsman Henk Verhoeff brings cartoons to life. His works are characterized by huge cracks formed in their center, and they look as if they belong to a Disney or Looney Tunes movie.

What gives the works the greatest value is the fact that they are all fully functional, and to do so their construction requires more effort.

Verhoeff has been in this profession for many years, for 53 years, first as a professional and now as a retiree. Using the medium as his passion he shares his creativity, and now as a retiree, he has more time at his disposal, to put his fantasies into action, even though they seem completely wacky.

He started to enrich wooden objects with the addition of lighting, so the first impression is when, for example, you look at the chests of drawers he makes as if they were struck by lightning.

Hank is a well-known New Zealand woodworker, who makes his pieces without any detailed construction plans, but he is very careful in making every detail. He is especially careful with the accuracy of the corners, and in the end, all the parts are covered with a protective varnish. The time for making the piece is from 80 to 100 hours

Verhoeff also uses eBay to sell all his pieces and all his new works can be found on his Facebook account.

Customer Service and Marketing Tips

  • Post your crafts on social media (e.g. Pinterest, Facebook, etc.)
  • Take your crafts with you and show them off
  • Create a logo, as the main identifier for your business
  • Create marketing materials
  • Donate your crafts for giveaways or to charities
  • Brush up on your photography skills
  • Find ways to personalize your crafts
  • Creatively package your crafts for your customers
  • Offer a money-back guarantee
  • Have a clear communication policy
  • Give away free value-added stuff with your crafts
  • Greeting customers
  • Give your customer a handwritten thank you note.

Find 750 + woodworking crafts here.


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