Would You Sleep In This Floating Capsule That Drifts To A Private Island Overnight?


A Japanese amusement park has built floating spherical capsule hotel rooms that take you in the sea to a private island. No, this is not a dream, it’s Japan.

The Dutch Theme park by the name of Huis Ten Bosch is located in Nagasaki Prefecture. It has floating hotels that will float you through Ōmura Bay to an island which has adventure type attractions.

This island is made up of 10-acres. The amusement park was a project that was tested in the summer of 2018.This hotel also has a bathroom and is around 118 to 124 feet in size.

Take a look at these futuristic pods in the video below:

Astonishingly, the prices for these hotel rooms are not too high. It will cost you between 30,000 to 40,000 yen, which converts to $264 to $352.

This price can be split between four people which is the number of people the seaborn hotel can fit.

This Japanese park is like a mini-Netherlands. It replicates Dutch-style buildings such as theaters, shops, restaurants, and hotels. Additionally, it contains the signature lush gardens and windmills as well.

The park also organizes a tulip festival and parades of boats in a water canal, and since it is an amusement park, it also contains skating rinks, Ferris wheels, carousels, mazes, and more.

This company should be familiar to you since they develop other buzz-worthy hotels. Huis Ten Bosch in 2015 opened the first robot hotel.

In this hotel, you are being welcomed by a dinosaur robot at the reception desk.This hotel goes by the name of Henn-na Hotel, which translates to Strange Hotel. Robots do about 90% of the functions in the hotel.

To enter the room, you have to go through facial recognition which is a plus for people who always lose their hotel key cards.The floating hotel is not the only one that exists in the world.

Arctic Bath is a floating hotel on Sweden’s Lule River that can give you the best view of the Northern Lights. However, this project has been delayed as of fall in 2018.

The round hotel only works in the months in which the weather is warmer since the water will be frozen during winter times. In the center of the building, there will be an opening so guests can go dip in the river.

The watering hole will be surrounded by six guest rooms, each will be 270 square feet in size with windows that will give you the optimal view of the Northern Lights.

If you want to experience hotels that are not just the ordinary buildings, you have to try and see these floating hotels which will lead you to the middle of the ocean!



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