You Can Now Buy A Buzzer To Shock Your Partner When They Snore


Some people can really struggle if they live with a partner who snores. As that is not the rear case, many people are trying to find the way how to solve this problem.

Taken notices of the sleepless nights that partners endure when sharing a bed with a snorer, allowed one company to make a solution.  One of the most used buzzers is Somnibel. This is a buzzer that your partner can use for “buzzing” when he/she roll over onto his/her back. The position on the back is the most likely to cause snoring (75% of snorers), but some people snore until they roll into a different position.

If you don’t want to buzz your partner? This is a pretty great anti-snoring product found here:

These little devices don’t inflict pain, so they can be safely used to make sure your partner chill out on the snoring.

According to the conducted story of the Respiratory Medicine Journal, the effectiveness of buzzer is great and it can reduce symptoms in the first few days of using it.

This product can be, also used to help those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.

Besides its usefulness, it can be also fun to poke and prod your partner as he/she snores. This little buzzer allows you to ‘try’ to relax, taking away all the effort instead of fighting with the snoring bed mate.


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