You Can Now Grow a Living Playhouse For Your Kids


Tree houses (playhouses) are places where kids are feeling happy while are playing their lovely games. They can be bought in the sores or built, but there is good news about a living playhouse, which can grow in your backyard.

Today, kids spend most of their day in front of a computer playing games and blue screens affect their small brains and vulnerable eyes.

A few ideas on how to build living playhouses you can find in this article. They are the latest trend on the Internet and it is the right time to make a cute little garden house.

  1. A) The Runner Bean Teepee

This type of living house is the easiest way that can be found on the Internet.

You need:

–           10 long bamboo canes or tree branches (6ft long)

–           Garden twine

–           Runner bean seeds

–           Grass or clover area in the garden

–           Chicken wire


1)         In a circle, poke the bamboo canes into the ground and make the form of a teepee (a cone-shaped tent traditionally used by many native people in North America). Secure the top using twine or wire string it enough to hold the bamboo and leave enough room from the front, which should be a door.

2)         Use chicken wire to cover the teepee

3)         Around the base of the canes, dig a 1-foot garden bed and fill the hole with compost/manure.

4)         At the base of the canes make two 2-inch holes, and plant one runner bean seed into each hole.

5)         After filling the hole with soil add water, and by using organic slug pellets protect your seedlings from slugs.

6)         When your plants reach a height of 6 inches you can also start the plants in pots, and transplant them in the soil once fully grown.

7)         Shoots of the plats should be wrapped around the canes, securing them with a string. The base is covered with wood chips, mulch or lawn clippings, which locks the moisture in the soil and prevents weeds from coming out.

8)         Plants are watered regularly.

  1. B) The Willow Den

Willow tree branches are used to make fences, chairs, teepees, tunnels, domes and many other objects.

Blue Stem Nursery explains:

“Just stick long willow branches directly into the ground, tie them together into the desired shape and they will root and grow, producing a cover of green leaves over the structure.”

Needed materials:

–           1 large bundle (6ft or longer) 1 – 3-year-old green willow rods

–           Weed-suppressing membrane or straw


1)         On the place where it is planned to build the playhouse set the weed-suppressing mat. To make room for the rods make holes through the membrane and plant the 3-year-old rods.

2)         This is the mainframe of the willow den and the “door.” Planted 2-year-old rods provide vertical support, and 1-year-old rods offer diagonal weave.

3)         In the beginning, the top of the structure will be open, but new growths will gradually cover it.

4)         The playhouse can be “enriched” with sweet peas, sunflowers, grapevines, or other fruiting plants. Here can be used herbs to repel mosquitoes naturally.


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