You Can’t Lie To An Empath, They Tune Into The Frequency Of Truth


Are you aware that in the presence of reality, the physiology of our body actually changes? There is an instant boost in muscle strength. Also, we tend to feel more affectionate, happier, and easy-going instantly.

Relaxation of our breathing and blood pressure, relaxation of muscle tension, and normalization of our gastrointestinal function are just some of the things that take place when surrounded by truth.

Empaths are strong because the real inner thoughts and vibrations can’t be concealed from them. As they see right through you, it’s quite difficult to just put on a false smile and be sweet to them to get what you want. It’s not going to work.

Empathetic people are extremely attuned to the moods of other individuals. In many ways, the average person can’t feel the things they do.

These people reflect all that’s good in the world when you look at the fundamentals. Healing others with their energy is what they do. They have compassion and an absolute level of comprehension of the concerns of others through their special gifts. They are able to pick up on others’ intentions, good and bad.

You can’t lie to empaths. You can try, but they will know something’s off. They feel lies on levels most people can’t even grasp. They can sense these things.

How to know what’s true?

Note the language of your body, your breath, and heart rate. We sometimes hold our breath unknowingly, or take shallow breaths while we decide whether or not anything is real.

It can result in you being dependent on others to tell you what is true for you by not understanding what is true for you. YOU are the only authority, however.

Empaths have faith in their instincts, they know and trust them. They know whether your smile is false or not; they ask, led by their intuition, all the right questions.

When in the company of an empath, hiding the true thoughts, emotions, or agendas will not do any good as they will pick up on all of this. They may “read” what is happening.



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