You Deserve To Be With Someone Who Knows Your Worth


Knowing the worth of the partners is the most important for a strong relationship. So, everyone deserves to be respected according to his/her worth.

You deserve to be with someone who…

1)         Someone who shows you the true meaning of love

This person should show you that love doesn’t have to be tough and painful, but to be genuine and deep.

2)         Someone who will be willing to pull down the walls you’ve built around your heart to protect it

Giving the heart to the partner who does not know how to protect and appreciate it and doesn’t pay attention and love to you, you’ll be at risk to enter the relationship which cannot last long.

Be, also careful if you are giving your soul to the partner, for whom you were willing to fight with every part of yourself, but he/she doesn’t care about it, actually doesn’t care about you. For that reason, you deserve someone whose biggest fear will be losing you and is ready to walk through the fire and to fight demons to make you feel protected and happy.

3)         Someone who won’t be afraid to love and be loved

This should be a person who won’t be ashamed to express the feelings, to wear the heart on his/her sleeve, making everything to assure you about his/her love.

That should be someone who won’t think that showing his/her vulnerabilities will make him/her look weak.

4)         Someone who will make sure you know how special you are to him

He/she should be a person who will make your eyes glow with happiness when you’re together, making your body tremble and your heart skip a beat at his/her touch. That person should be tender and supportive on your bad days, as well as loving and passionate about your good days.

5)         Someone who will make you feel wanted

This person should shower you with affection, compliments, and sweet words, and who will assure you that you can always be able to rely on it.

6)         Someone who will accept and love you for who you are

Your partner should always be aware of all your weaknesses and faults and the person who will have seen you at your worst, but he/she still accept and cherish you the way you are.

Of course, by valuating your beauty (outward and inward) and the purity of your soul you should be on the top of the best things that could have ever happened to him/her. You should be his/her, strength, soul, guiding light, and blessing.

7)         You deserve to be loved by someone who will be patient with you

This person shouldn’t lose his/her temper and call you needy, clingy, or be boring when you get emotional and show your vulnerable sides.

8)         Someone who will show understanding of your problems

You need a patient listener of your complaints about the bad day you had at work or maybe, about how much your best friend disappointed you. This person should be someone who won’t leave you to fight your battles on your own.

9)         Someone who sticks with you through thick and thin

He/she is one who’ll be your crying shoulder and greatest support and best to help you overcome your problems.

10)       Someone who will enjoy spending time with you

It won’t matter to that person whether you spend the Saturday night in the best club in the city or at home, eating pizza or watching your favorite movie.

Your partner shouldn’t make you beg for his attention and love.

11)       Someone who will be honest with and loyal to you

That person should be both your amazing lover and a best friend, who will respect your opinions, ideas, and decisions, but also criticize you when you say or do something wrong or stupid.

12)       Someone who will show interest in the things you like

Someone who will do even unimportant things, but they are something a lot to you and your life, for instance, to send you a bouquet of white roses to your office because he remembers they’re your favorite ones. Another thing important to you can be if he/she leaves you cute love notes on your pillow in the morning, which will be a good start of your day with love.

Someone who will tell you to send him/her a message when you get home because your safety at home is important for him/her. He/she would be a person that will call you just to hear your voice and won’t forget to ask you how your day went. That person will for sure miss you when you’re not around.

13)       Someone who will be proud of everything you are and everything you do

He/she will want to show others how grateful is for having you in his/her life, as you’re the most important person in the world.

You are not seen by that person as a burden or just one more obligation he/she has to fulfill. This person sees you as his/her strength, energy, and priority.

14)       Someone who will know your worth and remind you of it

15)       Someone who will never give up on you and who will love you unconditionally.


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