“You Should Stop Giving Fluoride Toothpaste To Your Children”, According to This Doctor


Fluorite is a chemical that’s contained in toothpaste, and according to this doctor, it isn’t safe and is bad for your health. Even though you spit the toothpaste in the sink, some of the fluorides end up in your blood. Fluoride can have bad effects on your health, and giving it to your child is the last thing you should do.

Almost every toothpaste contains toxic fluoride. The American Dental Association claims that fluoride is good to use as a preventative measure. However, fluoride can also be found in infant formula, bottled water, vitamin supplies, and other additional everyday use products.

Almost 90% of Americans were drinking public system waters in 2002 and about 67% of these people were drinking fluoridated water. However, the difference between rates of decaying permanent teeth had no difference as well as the percentage of decay-free children in non-fluoridated, fluoridated, and partially fluoridated areas.

Sodium fluoride is labelled toxic for ingestion, skin contact, and inhalation by the material Safety Data Sheets. To handle fluoride, you would need equipment of gloves and safety glasses.

The difference between arsenic and fluoride is very little, and fluoride is much more toxic than lead. Fluoride ends up in our system every time we rinse our mouth with mouthwash or brush our teeth with toothpaste.

Fluoride is being added to drinking water on purpose. To prevent tooth decay, a common practice is being done that’s called fluoridation. However, fluoride has never been proven to prevent cavities.

Many people who used fluoride-rich products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and vitamins, made complaints to the Poison Control centers. The poisoning of fluoride can affect the body and even lead to a fatal outcome. This chemical is dangerous and can trigger many unwanted negative reactions.

Protect yourself and avoid fluoride. By doing so, you will prevent any greater damage done to your health.

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