You Think You’re Fat! NO, Your Belly Is Bloated And This Is How To Get Rid Of It!

Learn about the Main Causes of Bloating

Bloating usually occurs because of the excess buildup of gasses in the stomach, as a result of the digestive problem. It’s rarely a sign of anything serious, however, in some cases, it can indicate different types of digestive cancers.

There is almost no a person who hasn’t experienced bloating at least once. The stomach in case of bloating can become the size of a small ball, accompanied by pain or discomfort.

The main causes of bloating are:

– Insufficient water intake

– Not enough fiber

– Stress

– Not chewing food properly

– Too many carbohydrates

1. Insufficient water intake

If you drink too much alcohol or coffee and not drinking enough water, you will experience bloating. The lack of water in the body will cause using the liquids saved in the tissues, and it can use water retention and bloating as well.

2. Not enough fiber

The digestion absolutely depends on the amount of the fiber, and if it is not consumed regularly, the person will experience bloating and constipation. Also, too much fiber, like with all other nutrients can cause many health problems.

3. Stress

One of the overlooked causes of digestive problems, including bloating can be any type of stress. In case of a lot of stress, it will prevent the proper functioning of the digestive system. When the digestion is not proper it results in the appearance of bloating.

4. Not chewing food properly

Swallowing your food in big chunks and chewing too fast can make you swallow a lot of air too, and it can be followed by bloating.

5. Too many carbohydrates

The intake of a high amount of carbs every day can also cause bloating.

So, you should eat low-carb foods and stop consuming sugar and too much alcohol in order to keep your digestive system in check.



Natural Healthy Team

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