Young Woman Rescues a Wounded “Dog” on the Streets, Finds Out It Was Wild Coyote


In Latin America, a young woman from the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico, became popular after she saved a wounded “dog”. However, she later found out that what she thought was a wounded god, was actually a wild coyote.

While Andrea Athie was driving her car, she noticed the coyote lying on the ground with an injured leg. Without a doubt, she captured the poor animal and went straight to a veterinarian.

She was in shock when the veterinarian told her that she didn’t bring a dog to his office, and the injured animal was a coyote.

Athie’s brother, Alejandro tweeted photos of his sister and the coyote that called attention to her, saying: “Today my sister picked up a COYOTE thinking it was a run-over dog and took it to the vet.”

Andrea didn’t hesitate and responded jokingly: “Why did you burn me like that!? Haha, I love you.”

She even named the coyote Pancho, saying that she took care of it and it was in good shape. She pointed out that Pancho never tried to attack her. Actually, the coyote was easygoing and friendly around her.

To help the coyote and heal his hind legs, she will give it a five-day intense treatment.

Athie said that “For his sake, he must have the best possible quality of life and isn’t made to suffer. Every effort is being made to recover [him]. He is a wild animal.”

Later in another update, she explained that Pancho was not responding as she expected after everything she has done for him. After his treatments, he didn’t want to move or eat.

In her conclusion Athie said:

“He is a wild animal, therefore when he outside his natural habitat he grows depressed but we will keep trying.”


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