‘You’re the Woman Without a Tribe. You, My Dear, Are Not Broken. People Just Don’t Know How Wonderful You Are Yet.’ You Are Not Alone.


People who know your secrets, fears, and your greatest vulnerabilities are a rare gem. Finding pure souls who won’t judge you, accept you, and won’t have high expectations from you can be difficult some times. Some friendships click instantly without an effort and some are built thought the years but won’t be successful in the long run.

There are women out there who think other girls live their best lives, some of which are stunning, successful at school or work, or have a loving relationship. On top of all things, they hang out with women as similar to them and each of them seems to be living the dream.

You are lucky enough to find yourself among a group of close friends who can be there for you at any moment. It is a blessing to be surrounded by a close-knit group of friends.

But, if you don’t go out in large groups and ask yourself why you didn’t form such friendships, remember that you are not alone. And please, keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with you!

The Girl that Doesn’t Belong To Any Group

You are neither different nor broken just because you don’t have a constant group of friends with whom you will go to parties every weekend.

 “It doesn’t make you odd or mean that you are not likable because you don’t hang out with the same people every week,” says Harley Murphy.

Instead of feeling desperate, she encourages all the women that are “tribeless” to take advantage of this. Let’s be real – you can make your decisions as you wish, you are independent, and you choose your path. The life is in your hands, you choose where you go and who you want to spend the weekends with, without judgment.

During your path, you will meet people who join you for a while, and for some reason leave you to join another path. On the other hand, one or two persons will pop up and eventually change your life for the better. No matter where or with whom you are right now, it is ok to migrate between groups just to find your place where you can feel most like yourself.

Always keep in mind that having friends with different personalities or viewings in the world can make your life more colorful. Every single individual you meet during the path called life matters and you meet them for a reason. From your childhood friends, your college and office friends, to the ones you met while backpacking, have a purpose. No matter how long these friendships last, they can provide happiness and joyful moments that you might remember for the last of your life.

It doesn’t mean you are not important to someone if you are not that close to them.

Lifelong friendships are built on trust and take time to develop. No matter what you do, some people still don’t know your worth and how wonderful you are. The right people will come at the right time if you only stay true to yourself and. Those friends will work on the relationship you have and try to strengthen it and stay as long as possible.

Focus on the Right People

Those soul mates with whom you can sing and dance to your music and feel most comfortable with are the ones that need to be kept close. Nurture those friendships and stay part of their lives as long as possible. It doesn’t mean you have to change – instead, you may find hidden parts of yourself that you never knew existed and enjoy them the most.

True friendships are rare, but once you are in one, you will feel complete. But, make sure to give the same amount of love they give you. Appreciate them and celebrate the truest form of friendship, even if you are friends with just one or two people.

Never stop being you and you will find the purest friendship. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a pose of female friends, as only a few will appreciate who you are.




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